Buy Pure and Organic A2 Desi Cow Ghee for Your Family's Well-Being (2023)

One of the essential foods and a key element in cooking, ghee is found in every Indian home. Ghee is advised for everyone, including children and expectant mothers, because it promotes healthy bone density, aids in body growth and development, and doesn’t lower levels of good cholesterol. Ghee is purposefully created from milk from cows, buffaloes, goats, and sheep. The A2 Cow Ghee, on the other hand, is the finest variety of Desi Cow Ghee and can only be manufactured with pure A2 milk (A2 Cow milk) from Indian cows, also known as Desi Cows. So, let’s explore where to buy the SwadeshiVIP A2 desi cow ghee.

What Is A2 Desi Cow Ghee?

As previously stated, A2 Desi Cow Ghee is the purest type of ghee available and is manufactured solely from milk taken from desi cows. It is made using the conventional bilona or churning technique. The milk is first curdled before being either hand- or machine-churned. Once the A2 desi cow ghee is obtained, the butter that was gathered during the process is cooked. Since the main component of A2 ghee, A2 cow milk, does not contain a subset of casein proteins termed the A1 protein, it is regarded as a healthier alternative to ordinary ghee. This protein is thought to be harmful to the body, and lactose intolerance makes it much worse. This ghee is regarded as the variety that provides the highest nourishment for all age groups. The best part is that the SwadeshiVIP A2 desi cow ghee is simple to find online!

Characteristics and Ingredients of the SwadeshiVIP Ghee

As it was already said, A2 Desi Cow Ghee is exclusively prepared from A2 cow milk. This ghee has no additional ingredients, additives, or chemicals.

These are some traits of A2 ghee:

  • Its yellowish shade is caused by the presence of beta-carotene[1], a colouring agent in A2 cow milk.
  • A carotenoid that is a forerunner to vitamin A is beta-carotene.
  • It has a gritty texture, which is a highly desired characteristic because it indicates that a low flame was utilised to make the ghee.
  • It has a strong scent that makes it easy to pair with any dish.

Some of the Nutritional Facts of A2 Desi Cow Ghee

Now that we have a thorough understanding of what A2 desi cow ghee is and its qualities, let’s understand the nutritional information.

What’s in 1 Tablespoon of A2 Desi Cow Ghee?

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  • Total Fat – 14g
  • Sodium – 0g
  • Protein – 0.04g
  • Vitamin A – 438IU
  • Vitamin D – 15mcg
  • Vitamin E – 0.4mg
  • Vitamin K – 1.2 mcg
  • Chlorine – 2.7 mg
  • Omega 3 – 45 mg

Some of the Benefits of A2 Desi Cow Ghee

The advantages of A2 Desi Cow Ghee include the following:

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Increase the Immunity

Vitamins A, E, K, and D, which are crucial elements that support the development of immunity, are among the many necessary vitamins included in A2 ghee. Additionally, A2 ghee strengthens intestinal health, which boosts immunity by cleansing the body. SwadeshiVIP A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee is a potent blend of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that prevents the majority of ailments. Additionally helpful for enhancing bone density is A2 Ghee.

Nutrients for Kids

Due to the inclusion of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, it aids in boosting cognitive function and lowers the risk of ADHD and other neurological issues. It is a crucial source of energy for growing children. Different fat-soluble vitamins found in A2 Ghee are crucial for ensuring nutrition and boosting immunity. Due to the fact that many Ayurvedic medications have traditionally contained pure cow ghee, it plays a significant role in preserving health.

Improves the Digestion System

The production of digestive acids, which aid in breaking down food, is stimulated by A2 Desi Cow Ghee. Due to the presence of fat-soluble vitamins, it promotes healthy digestion and avoids constipation. Due to the butyric acid, it contains, A2 Desi ghee is renowned for having detoxifying qualities.

Glowing Skin

A2 desi ghee can treat several skin conditions and soothe the skin when applied to dry, burned, or even irritated skin. Ghee can help keep your lips moist and supple, preventing chapped lips. Ghee is also known to improve skin and hair health when combined with milk before night.

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Make Bones Strong

Vitamin K2, one of the fat-soluble vitamins found in A2 Desi Cow Ghee, is crucial for the body’s ability to use calcium and other minerals. Vitamin K2 in the right amounts supports healthy bone development and tooth decay prevention. It keeps your bones strong, which prevents bone deterioration. Regular ghee consumption or body massage might ease joint discomfort.

Cure from Sensitivities of Casein and Lactose

Most people who are sensitive to lactose or casein don’t have a problem with ghee because these substances have been taken out through skimming and straining.

Helps in Weight Loss

Ghee’s energy-rich medium-chain fatty acids can burn additional body fats, resulting in weight loss. Ghee is thought to draw in other fats and draw out poisons that are typically challenging to get rid of.

Few Additional Benefits of A2 Desi Cow Ghee

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Shiny and Smooth Hair with A2 Desi Cow Ghee

Combine one tablespoon each of cold-pressed coconut oil and olive oil with two tablespoons of ghee. After one minute of boiling, let it cool somewhat before applying it to the hair. After leaving it on all night, wash it off with shampoo. The milk protein in ghee fortifies the roots and gives the hair gloss.

A2 Desi Ghee for Chapped and Dry Lips

Before going to bed, warm some ghee and apply it to your lips. Scrub the flaky dried ghee off as you awaken. To acquire lips that are supple and smooth beyond your wildest dreams, repeat the procedure daily.

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Help in Simple Home Remedy for Cough Syrup

To produce the greatest cough remedy, put 3–4 crushed peppercorns in ghee before straining.

Difference between A1 and A2 Ghee

When reading the names, both varieties appear to be brothers of the same family. However, there is a significant difference between their sources and how they affect health. A2 ghee is ghee prepared from A2 milk, which contains solely A2 Beta casein (a type of protein). Only a few native Indian breeds of cows and a few other animals, such as Indian buffalo, goats, sheep, camels, etc., provide milk with this sort of protein. On the other hand, A1 cow ghee is prepared from milk that contains only A1 beta-casein or occasionally both A1 and A2 beta-casein.

All commercial dairy products we consume generally contain A1 beta-casein since cows in India are of foreign or mixed breeds. Due to the larger milking capacity and larger overall quantity of crossbred cows compared to desi cows, it is less expensive. Evidently, A1 milk is not in any way superior to A2 milk. Due to the structure of beta-casein in A1 milk, a brief molecule known as beta-casomorphin-7 (BCM-7) can separate during digestion.

According to some international researchers, this little protein can lead to a variety of issues, including juvenile diabetes, autism, schizophrenia, allergies, and auto-immune disorders including Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis. Although there are very few people who experience acute effects, those who are impacted must deal with serious repercussions. On the other hand, A2 cow milk has similar health advantages and digestibility to breast milk.

SwadeshiVIP A2 Desi Cow Ghee

Our A2 desi cow ghee is a nutritious, pure, unadulterated, and healthful form of ghee made from the A2 cow milk of indigenous Indian cows. Our ghee is 100% pure and natural, manufactured by grass-fed in India as opposed to other ghee brands. Our A2 ghee is easy to prepare, devoid of gluten, and suitable for lactose and casein intolerant people. Our ghee comes from Gir cows, a rare breed renowned for its exceptionally superior A2 milk.

A2 milk is very different from regular milk in that it contains A2 protein, which is superior to and more reliable than A1 protein. We use the traditional method to manufacture our A2 desi cow ghee. The greatest way of making desi ghee is the Vedic technique known as bilona. Similar to desi ghee manufactured by bilona, desi ghee is prepared with machines, and chemicals lack therapeutic qualities. We ensure that the ghee is produced at our farm using the Ayurvedic process as suggested in Ayurvedic literature. So, stop waiting and buy the SwadeshiVIP A2 desi cow ghee and enjoy all the benefits.

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One of the finest A2 desi cow ghee is produced by SwadeshiVIP. Our A2 desi cow ghee is made up of medium and long-chain fatty acids. Omega3 and Omega9 unsaturated Fats are widely available in them. It also contains the vitamins A, D, K and E. A2 cow ghee aids in the resolution of digestive-related problems, improve brain and memory, improves eye and skin health, and appropriately lubricant the joint. A2 cow desi ghee is said to be a rich source of butyrate fatty acid, which is considered to be essential for preventing the deployment of many digestive illnesses. It is an addition to all other advantages. A2 desi cow ghee strengthens not only the immune system but also guards against hyperacidity and constipation. To be fit and healthy, you need a perfect balance of a strong immune system and a healthy digestive system. Come on, let’s buy the best A2 desi cow ghee at SwadeshiVIP.

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Is A2 ghee really healthy? ›

A2 Gir Cow Bilona Ghee has essential macro and micronutrients that fulfills the daily dietary requirement of the body. It is a rich source of antioxidants and vital vitamins like Vit B2, B12, B6, C, E, and K, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and healthy amino acids.

What are the benefits of eating A2 ghee daily? ›

It can Boost Immunity

A2 ghee consists of several vital vitamins like Vit A, E, K, and D; all these essential nutrients help in building immunity. These vitamins also help in the proper functioning of the brain and heart. A2 Ghee is beneficial for developing bone density as well.

What is the difference between normal cow ghee and A2 ghee? ›

A very basic difference is A 1 ghee comes from A1 milk and A2 ghee cow comes from A2 milk. Both the milk contain beta-casein, but A2 is superior. Native cows like Sahiwal and Gir etc have beta-casein protein A2.

What is the difference between pure ghee and pure cow ghee? ›

Difference between desi ghee cow ghee: Desi ghee vs. Cow ghee. The main difference between desi ghee cow ghee is the presence of trans fat in it. Ghee contains the minimum amount of transfat, whereas desi hydrogenated oil contains a high amount of trans fat, which is not healthy for the body.


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